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What are the benefits of an air purifier

What are the benefits of an air purifier

The current climate is getting worse and worse, so many owners will follow suit and buy air purifiers, but what are the benefits of specific air purifiers? Let’s take a brief look at it with me below.

1. What are the benefits of air purifiers

Air purifiers can absorb dust in the air and improve indoor air quality. 2. The air purifier has the advantages of controlling formaldehyde, and at the same time, it can also remove the strange smell in the air and keep the air fresh. 3. The air purifier can play a certain sterilization effect and improve the cleanliness of the air.

Second, what are the skills of buying an air purifier

1. Look at the output efficiency of the purified air: The main function of the air purifier is to purify the harmful substances in the air and keep the air quality fresh. Therefore, when purchasing an air purifier, you must understand the output efficiency of the equipment. The higher the efficiency, the better the purification. The better the ability, if the negative ion release of the device is more than 10 million per second, it is better.

2. Look at the function of purifying the air: when the air purifier was first introduced, the function was very simple, and only PM2.5 purification could be performed. More and more complete, in addition to PM2.5 purification, it can also effectively remove harmful stains such as formaldehyde, smoke smell, stupidity, and even absorb animal hair that is harmful to the human body in the air. The more functions you pay attention to, the more expensive the price will be. , You must do what you can when purchasing.
3. Look at the safety of the purifier: Many electronic devices on the market will use negative ion technology. Although it can effectively sterilize and disinfect, it will generate a large amount of ozone after use, resulting in secondary air pollution. In severe cases , may affect the health of the family, so when purchasing, try to choose activated carbon technology, which is relatively safe.

Post time: Aug-23-2022