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How can an air purifier become an IQ tax?

How can an air purifier become an IQ tax?

I found that people in big cities really like to run uphill!
The “freedom to breathe” of urbanites is extravagantly extravagant.

We often use “natural as breathing” to describe how easy something is. But who would have thought that if you want to breathe clean and fresh air now, you must not only cross the barriers of time and space, but also resist the potential pollution around you!

Such as dust and car exhaust, if the balcony at home is facing the road, it is really unavoidable.


Visible pollution, we can simply defend against it for the time being; but intangible pollution, maybe we have already inhaled a lot.

I heard before that my best friend is starting to prepare for pregnancy seriously, and she has begun to attach great importance to the living environment of BB in the future.

Her wedding room was renovated in September last year, and it has only been nearly a year now. At that time, the newly added furniture was ventilated for a few weeks, and the grapefruit peel was not less. When I saw that the odor was gone, I was happy. Heart moved in.

Did you think it was okay before? As a result, I checked the information on the Internet when I was preparing for pregnancy, and found that the formaldehyde was “slowly released for 15 years” and “irritating the respiratory tract”. Measured, it’s really bald.

People are paying more and more attention to “breathing freedom” at home.

No, air purifiers have slowly begun to become the focus of everyone’s attention.


But when I was surfing, I noticed that there were still many notes full of doubts about the effect of air purification, expressing that I was afraid of spending thousands of dollars and paying the “IQ tax”:

丨For example, why is the purification reading of the air purifier still unable to come down after it has been on for a long time?

丨For example, is the so-called “formaldehyde removal” function of Kongjing a false proposition? Which one is right for a family with a BB?

丨 There is also a question about the difference between the net air prices of various models, what is going on?

In fact, wanting to not pay IQ tax when purchasing an air purifier is as simple as the principle of air purification——

Optimistic about these 4 numbers when purchasing
To choose the right clean

①CADR value = core capability index of filter element

The CADR value is an indicator to measure the cleaning ability of the air net. The higher the value, the higher the efficiency of purifying the air.


CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate, which refers to how much m³ of clean air can be output per minute

There are two types of air purification methods: passive and active.

Passive, that is, sucking air into the machine, and then filtering out PM2.5, formaldehyde, odor in the air through the filter / filter element… Then discharge clean air, and finally make the indoor air achieve a balanced air circulation.

Active, more often passive supplements, are more targeted in dealing with pollutants. For example, the built-in UV germicidal lamp is used to remove the activity of most bacteria and germs in the air.



No matter how “three heads and six arms” the active purification function of an air purifier is, its core capability is still in the filter element. Whether the filter is activated carbon, filter paper or other materials, CADR can be used to evaluate its purification efficiency.

However, some filter elements will be designed for specific pollution sources, such as those focusing on formaldehyde treatment. In this case, they perform better than ordinary filter elements.

The manufacturer will use particulate matter and formaldehyde to test the CADR of the air purification respectively, and you can judge whether it is suitable for your home according to the actual needs. For example, if your home has just been renovated and you want to remove more formaldehyde, you should focus on formaldehyde/gaseous CADR (but some brands do not mark data)!

The CADR value is highly related to the applicable area of the empty net. The higher the CADR, the more dynamic air circulation it can maintain in a larger space.

The area of the living room is generally larger than that of the bedroom study, so the CADR needs to be higher, otherwise the air purification will need to maintain high-power operation to achieve satisfactory purification effect. To put it bluntly, it is not efficient enough and costs electricity.

So sometimes I feel that the purification effect is not ideal. I can think about whether it is because the CADR of the air purification I bought does not match the size of the working environment.

The higher the CADR value, the stronger the suction power of this air cleaner, or the more advanced the filtration technology, so the price has opened the gap with other air cleaners.

②CCM value ≈ service life of filter element

The CCM value reflects the durability of the air filter/filter element. The higher the value, the longer the life of the filter element.

Unlike air conditioner filters, which can be removed and washed at any time, most air filters are still consumables. You see, it’s like “eat” a lot of various pollutants, and the stomach can’t digest it, so the purification effect will be reduced.


The CCM is the value that reflects the total amount of pollutants it can remove.

Like CADR, we also commonly measure clean CCM for particulate matter (solid state) and formaldehyde (gaseous state).

③Purification energy efficiency value = power saving ability

In summer and winter when there are not many windows open, or in a newly renovated house, the air quality must be worrying.

Okay, okay, but my mother can’t help but nag a couple of words to waste electricity.

If you need to open the air purifier for a long time, pay attention to their purification energy efficiency value (energy efficiency level). The higher the purification energy efficiency value, the more power saving.Like CCM, purification energy efficiency also distinguishes between particulate matter (solid) energy efficiency and formaldehyde (gaseous) energy efficiency. The scoring standards for the two pollutants are different, but it is recommended to choose an air purifier that has both reached the “high-efficiency level”.

④Noise value: just protect it quietly

Most air purifiers now support switching between different working modes.

For example, if the smell of hot pot is relatively strong just after eating, you can turn on the strong mode; when you want to be quieter after your lunch break, you can turn on the sleep mode.


In different modes, the noise of air purification operation is also different. If you are more sensitive to noise, you can pay attention to the decibel (db) of the working noise marked on the details page.
Not to mention, the difference is quite big. Also in sleep mode, some can be as low as 23db, while those with little price difference go to 40db. The quality of noise performance is also reflected in the price of air net.

Don’t look at the noise value, and you can’t sleep because of the 60db in sleep mode, don’t blame yourself for paying the IQ tax.

A brief summary of the air purifier purchase tips:

Within the budget, choose the CADR that meets the needs and has the highest CCM value. Next, look at the purification energy efficiency value and noise.

According to the actual situation of the home, the active purification function is more suitable for the needs.20210819-小型净化器-英02_06


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