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In addition to masks, you also need an air purifier for epidemic protection

In addition to masks, you also need an air purifier for epidemic protection

The air purifier adopts a three-step aldehyde removal mode: capture, inactivation, and lock. The carefully developed modified activated carbon contains a large amount of porous matrix that can actively adsorb formaldehyde. After that, reactive molecules can quickly decompose formaldehyde into harmless substances. Finally, the decomposed substances are firmly locked in the pores of the activated carbon.


This mode can make the formaldehyde concentration reach 0.01㎎/m3, which is ten times the European standard. In terms of PM2.5 value, this air purifier has a particularly high purification efficiency and long service life due to the use of a nano-scale HEPA main filter. The PM2.5 concentration was reduced to 10 micrograms per cubic meter, which was 2.5 times.


The air purifier has two black technologies to protect the healthy breathing of the family-maintaining breathing shield technology and intelligent induction. Maintenance Shield technology purifies up to 99 indoor pollutants, removing particles as small as 0.003 microns. It can quickly remove large particle pollutants such as dust, hair, second-hand smoke, and automobile exhaust.


It can effectively remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene and hydrogen sulfide. It blocks airborne allergens such as pollen, mites, catkins and dust. Smart sensor functionality is comparable to standard air sensors in professional laboratories. It can detect air quality every 0.1 seconds. It also automatically adjusts the purification mode for peace of mind.



Post time: May-07-2022