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Introduction of Air Purifier LYL-KQXDJ-08

Introduction of Air Purifier LYL-KQXDJ-08


Feature selling point
Support air purification PM2.5 particles, negative ions, ultraviolet rays, formaldehyde purification;
Support filter replacement reminder
Support 5-speed wind speed adjustment

·7 color glare light adjustment cycle
· Support intelligent automatic mode
Support display mode LED touch screen display
·Support sleep mode and silent mode
·Support child lock function
Panel control: 9 buttons
. 5pcs LED UV sterilization
·Support WIFI/APP remote control (optional)

·Rated power: 12W
Voltage: with adapter (DC24V 2A)
·Amount of negative ions generated: 50 million/S
Purification method: ultraviolet + negative ions + composite filter (primary filter + HEPA + activated carbon)
·Applicable area: 20-40m²
·Particle clean air volume: 200-300m³/h
Wind speed: 5 gears wind speed
· Timing time: 1-24H
·Rated noise value: 35-55bd
Color: Standard ivory white
Sensor type: odor sensor
With EU certification (CE-LVD-EMC/TUV-ROHS/FCC/EPA) Guangwei test sterilization report


D1=UV+negative ion+composite filter (primary filter+HEPA+activated carbon)+remote control

D2=UV+negative ion+composite filter (primary filter+HEPA+activated carbon)+remote control+WIFI


size and weight

"Product size: 250*250*350mm


Machine net weight: 1.85 KG

Machine gross weight: 2.5KG

Bulk replacement filter price: 35 yuan (recommended replacement time 3-6 months)"


Multiple Use Scenarios

Disinfection of public places

Disinfection of offices, bedrooms, kitchens and toilets

Disinfection of shoe cabinet, pet, fruit and vegetable

Disinfection of wardrobe and household articles

Disinfection of toys, fruits and vegetables

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