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Is it necessary to buy an air purifier?

Is it necessary to buy an air purifier?

Whether it is necessary to buy an air purifier, you need to choose according to your own needs.

1. If you live in a poor air environment, it is necessary to buy an air purifier. The air purifier has the functions of purifying smog, removing formaldehyde, toluene, smoke, removing odor, filtering pollen, pet hair, sterilization, etc. Multifunction.

2. For rural families, air purifiers can be purchased selectively, because the living environment in rural areas is relatively comfortable, and the probability of the living environment being polluted is not very large.

What does an air purifier do
1. It can remove many dust, particles and dusty substances in the air, and prevent people from inhaling them into the body, especially the fine particles such as PM2.5 and PM1, which can directly become particles that can enter the lungs, which will cause pneumonia and cardiovascular diseases. etc., so the presence of air purifiers can also effectively reduce the incidence of diseases.

2. It can remove toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, pesticides, and misted hydrocarbons in the air, so as to avoid physical discomfort or even poisoning caused by human body contact with it. In fact, many cases have shown that there is a certain connection between childhood leukemia or some adult leukemia and formaldehyde and benzene substances, and it is even almost certain that formaldehyde is one of the main causes of childhood leukemia. Using a professional formaldehyde-removing air purifier can effectively reduce the entry of formaldehyde into the respiratory tract and prevent the occurrence of leukemia.

3. It can remove the strange smells carried by tobacco, oil fume, animals, and exhaust gas in the air, ensure the freshness of indoor air, and refresh the people in the depths. Many products also have professional negative ion generation and humidification. These systems of air purifiers can make the environment more comfortable and healthy.

How consumers choose air purifiers
1. When purchasing an air purifier, it is not the more expensive the better, we also need to choose a suitable purifier according to our own purification needs. For example, we need to know how much area the air purifier can purify, which harmful substances can be purified at the same time, and whether it will make noise when it is running.

2. It should also be combined with the indoor environment. Some families have more dust, or have bacterial problems, allergens, etc., or some families have just been renovated, and there is a problem of excessive formaldehyde. When choosing a purifier, it is necessary to choose according to the needs. Some are activated carbon, some are negative ions, etc., and some are combined with many functions.

Post time: Aug-22-2022