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Something about UV

Something about UV

   Today let’s talk about something about UV! I don’t know how much you know about ultraviolet rays, and whether they still stay on the level that ultraviolet rays make the skin darker. In fact, ultraviolet rays have a lot of relevant knowledge, which is harmful to us and also beneficial.
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First of all, let’s get to know ultraviolet rays first. Our daily perception of ultraviolet rays comes from sun protection and disinfection. Usually, sunscreen products will be marked with the slogan of “preventing ultraviolet rays”, and we often use ultraviolet rays for disinfection. So what is ultraviolet rays?

The explanation given to us by Wikipedia is that ultraviolet rays naturally exist in nature, and are a kind of light that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is invisible light higher than blue-violet light.
Second, let’s discuss what harm UV rays do to us. Ultraviolet rays are also very harmful to us, especially girls who love beauty, who regard it as a natural enemy. Like skin aging, 80% comes from UV rays. Ultraviolet rays can reach the dermis of the skin, cause skin photoaging, penetrate deep into the skin, tan the skin, and cause damage to lipids and collagen, causing photoaging of the skin and even skin cancer. Therefore, ultraviolet rays not only stimulate pigment but also make skin tone and fine lines.
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However, scientists have converted UV rays from harmful to beneficial. Ultraviolet rays have been used in the market for sterilization and disinfection for some time. The earliest studies began in the 1920s, with use in hospital operating rooms in 1936 and in schools to control rubella transmission in 1937. Ultraviolet lamps are economical, practical, convenient, simple and easy to implement. Now ultraviolet disinfection is a traditional air disinfection method, which is widely used in primary hospital consultation rooms, treatment rooms, and disposal rooms.
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(Now various service institutions and commercial places use ultraviolet disinfection products for sterilization and disinfection)

After understanding these common senses, we can arrange our outdoor activities according to the ultraviolet forecast issued by the meteorological station, and better protect ourselves from ultraviolet rays. At the same time, ultraviolet disinfection lamps have also entered our homes. The most common one is to remove mites. Everyone knows about mites. It can also remove bacteria left on pets. We can also use related UV products to help us purify the air around us and provide ourselves with a better quality of life.

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(Now more families accept the use of UV lamp products)

In addition to these common ones, there are some that are rarely touched by everyone. For example, our municipal projects, such as sewage plants, garbage stations, industrial (domestic) water, etc., will use ultraviolet lamps. In fact, UV products are now indispensable in my life.

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(Our lives are basically inseparable from UV disinfection products)

   Finally, it is worth noting that the use of UV disinfection lamps requires attention to safety. When used at home, people, pets and plants must leave the work area and cannot be exposed for a long time. If the UV lamp also has an ozone function, it needs to enter the working range one hour after the machine is turned off. Ozone will cause harm to the human body if it exceeds a certain concentration, but it will automatically decompose and leave no residue, so don’t worry. Other areas should be operated by professionals to prevent accidents.

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Post time: Jul-27-2022