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What are the air disinfection methods? Why it is said that disinfection + purification is the real disinfection

What are the air disinfection methods? Why it is said that disinfection + purification is the real disinfection

Recently, my country’s local clustered epidemics have shown the characteristics of many points, wide areas and frequent occurrences, and the epidemic prevention and control work still faces severe challenges.

As we all know, droplets and aerosols have become the main transmission methods of coronavirus, especially in a relatively closed space environment, it is easier to form high-load virus aerosols, resulting in sudden large-scale infections.

Therefore, in addition to personal protection, continuous natural ventilation and procurement of relevant disinfection equipment have become the main measures for epidemic prevention and control.


Disinfection technology blooms

Safety and efficiency are the key

With repeated epidemics, disinfection and sterilization has become a normalized work. The air sterilizer used in medical institutions has entered the public eye, and the usage scenarios have moved from hospitals to various public spaces in offices, stations, terminals, and even homes.


UV disinfection

Principle: By irradiating microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, the DNA mechanism in the body is destroyed, causing it to die and lose its ability to reproduce.

Pros and cons: Its advantage lies in its low cost, but limited by manufacturing materials and irradiation time, it is difficult to guarantee the disinfection effect.


Ozone disinfection

Principle: Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, and reacts with the protein and DNA inside the bacteria, destroying the metabolism of the bacteria, thus playing the role of sterilization and disinfection.

Advantages and disadvantages: dynamic disinfection cannot be achieved, and the usage scenarios are limited.


Plasma disinfection

Principle: Under the combined action of the released positive and negative ions, bacteria and viruses can be quickly killed without secondary pollution.

Advantages and disadvantages: human-machine coexistence, real-time disinfection, high efficiency and safety.


In comparison, different disinfection methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the air disinfection machine using plasma technology has obvious advantages in safety performance and disinfection effect.

Disinfection + Purification

can effectively block the transmission of droplets and aerosols


It has been confirmed by Singaporean academics that positive results can be detected on the surface of the cotton swab when sampling from the vent in the room of a COVID-19 patient.


In the 2020 official announcement, it was also proposed that there is a possibility of aerosol transmission when exposed to high concentrations of aerosols for a long time in a relatively closed environment. Blocking the transmission of droplets and aerosols has become an important part of epidemic prevention.


In daily life, healthy people can produce varying numbers of droplets and aerosols in their daily breathing, conversation, coughing and sneezing. Once there are sick people in public places, it is easy to cause group infection.

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Medical Air Disinfector
uv irradiation ,primary filtration, anion (three in one)
It is more convenient to disinfect the air anytime and anywhere
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Removal of odor by anion purification

Using bipolar plasma electrostatic field to decompose and break down the negative bacteria, the dust pole is broken downin combination with activated carbon electrostatic net,ultravioler lamp irradiation, photocatalysis after sterilization and filtration, a large number of treated clean air circulates rapidly ring flow,so as to achieve sterilization, smoke,dust,remove odor and other effects!
Ozone Sterilization is complete without residue

Ozone decomposes harmful substances in the air ,decomposes the source and kills all kinds of harmful bacteria .It is not covered up by ohysical adsorption or fragrance.Ozone can quickly spread throughout the house. Thers was no dead angle in sterilization.
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