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Why do we need clean air?

Why do we need clean air?


If the worsening air pollutants are not stopped, all organisms that breathe them are at risk. Even if it can survive, the environmental conditions have become very harsh. Protecting our living environment has become critical and improving air quality should not be delayed any longer. UNICEF's "Clean Air for Children - The Impact of Air Pollution on Children" points out the negative effects of air pollution:

The Effects of Air Pollution on Children" points out the negative effects of air pollution:

- Can lead to miscarriage in pregnant women, premature birth of babies and low birth weight

- Various diseases that account for one in ten deaths among children under five

- Can damage the healthy development of children's brains

- a drag on the economy and society, the cost of which is already as high as 0.3% of global GDP - and continues to rise each year.

- Air pollutants are a worldwide problem and the situation is getting worse

- Scaled to body weight, children breathe twice as fast as adults and are more vulnerable because their airways are more breathable

- Fine air pollutants, primarily caused by smog, are more likely to enter and irritate children's lungs, causing and exacerbating life-threatening illnesses. Studies have shown that these tiny particles can cross the blood-brain barrier, to which children are less resistant, can cause inflammation, even damage brain tissue, and permanently impair cognitive development.

- When pregnant women are exposed to air containing harmful pollutants, the pollutants can even cross the placental barrier and harm the developing fetus.

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