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Why is there a lot of “Mao Mao” in the room after two or three days without cleaning, I finally found out today!

Why is there a lot of “Mao Mao” in the room after two or three days without cleaning, I finally found out today!

Home life, friends who like to clean will have such a question and distress, why there are so many hairs in the house only two or three days without cleaning?

Especially the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the cabinet, the corner of the wall or other hidden places, if you wipe it casually, there is a layer of gray-white fine fluff on the rag!

So, what exactly are these furs? How did it come about? How can we avoid or eliminate it? Today, a good woman at home will teach you a lesson!

What is Mao Mao?
In fact, the hair here not only refers to the short fiber, but also includes small particles of dust, scattered hair, fine cotton wool, body dander, and even some microorganisms such as bacteria and mites!

These hairs continue to be produced and keep moving, and they have been with us all the time, endless!

Generally speaking, Mao Mao is not very harmful, but for some ultra-sensitive people, it can cause nasal itching, sneezing, nasal allergy and other behaviors, and it can cause bronchial asthma in severe cases. It is really a terrible substance, fatal. stuff!

What will be hairy?
Reason 1: Poor air quality and more floating dust

Today, the overall environment in the city is poor, and the floors of buildings are getting higher and higher. As we all know, the higher the floor, the easier it is to accumulate dust.

In order to let the indoor air circulate, the windows of the room should be opened frequently. Even if the screen windows are installed, the dust will pass through the screen windows and come in, especially when it is windy!

In comparison, I think the rural environment is much better. Even if you don’t clean for three or five days, there’s not that much fluff!

Reason 2: Clothing fiber linter

We all know that the clothes we wear are basically made of fibers and animal hair. After wearing for a long time and rubbing against each other frequently, aging will occur, causing the clothes to lose some fine hairs and float in the air. Finally, find a suitable time and then drop it to the ground. Through electrostatic adsorption, it will be accompanied by dust and hair!

Generally speaking, bed sheets, quilt covers, curtains, and clothes are the most likely to produce fiber linter at home. When the weather is good, as long as we gently tap the bedding or clothing, you will intuitively see the fluff floating in the air!

Moreover, every time we come home from the outside, we will bring back some dust, especially the soles of our shoes, and once the dust enters the room, it will roam everywhere!

Reason 3: Hair loss from the human body

Although both men and women have hair loss behaviors, women’s hair loss is more obvious, especially now, everyone’s work pressure is high, and more hair will fall out!