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Professional Medical Grade Air Purifier for Hospital and Clinic

Professional Medical Grade Air Purifier for Hospital and Clinic

The hospital and clinic Air Purifiers with remote control is installed in the wall mounted which is made of high class ABS material with stronger motor fan, Air sterilizer purifier primary filter, anion and uv bulbs 20W, total two bulbs are 40W, ozone  Generator effectively filter dust, dander, allergens, pet fur Clinic air purifier are professional in medical grade .

Product Detail


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Product Parameters

Product name 

Wall mounted air purifier

Rated power


Rated voltage


Disinfection method

Primary filter/Ozone /UV /Anion

Negative Anions production capacity

75 million/s

Applicable area


CADR Value





 Remote control ,timer


1-24 hours

Air purifier size


Air purifier wall mount for hospital 95W two UV Tubes were produced by our factory,air ionizer 20W 254nm 20W ozone power each bulb, which is more enough to remove 99.99% of harmful microorganisms in seconds, also recommended for odor and smoke removal. , effectively filter dust, dander, allergens, pet fur.

Heavy-duty ABS housing. Equipped with a display screen, which can display the timing , air volume and working status of the lamp. Two indicator lights will turn red if inner two UV lamps don't work.

Easy to install, equipped with hanging nail , hanging ear for wall mounted, space saving.

Wide Application, could be used at Hospital/Office/Restaurant/Fitness room/school /GYM, and in order to make it suitable for hospital household use, we also make a simple but useful remote control.

12 months warranty since purchase date, this product have much holding quantity in commercial market, manufacturer can provide thoughtful after-sales service.

Product Features

1. 3-speed wind adjustment

2. ozone  Generator and uv /ozone bulb can be optional

3. Install in the wall very safe no one can touch

4. With screen display

5. With remote control operating

6. anion air purifiers

7. uv and ozone can be separate working

8. OEM/ODM air purifier service.

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