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Room Air Purifier For Allergies With HEPA Filter

Room Air Purifier For Allergies With HEPA Filter

School Office Bedroom Smoke Smell Sensor HEPA UV Filter Air Purifier
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3-speed wind speed setting, with negative ions. High CADR with stylish performance design. Smart touchscreen panel. It is suitable for larger rooms such as schools, hotel rooms, clubs, cafes.

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Smart UV low noise air purifier purification purification household air purifier high efficiency filter

The most competitively priced model. Smart design, digital display, air quality indicator. Touch screen operation and remote control.
Allergy room air purifier with HEPA filter

Best indoor air purifier for allergies in 2021 with HEPA filtration that really helps pet allergies like cats and dogs and dust allergies like mites and mold, 30 – 50 square meters (310 – 540 square feet), Multiple filtering, optional UV sterilizer, 10 million negative ions, 4 fan speed adjustment, timer, child lock, sleep mode, LED display, noise test less than 66dB, air quality indicator, filter indicator, dust sensor, temperature Sensor, Humidifier Sensor, DC Motor, 65W Rated Power, TUYA WIFI, CE, ETL, CB and ROHS Approved, MOQ = 10

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Feature Highlights

- Equipped with ultraviolet + negative ion + composite filter (primary filter + HEPA + activated carbon + photocatalyst) + remote control + WiFi/APP remote control (optional); air purification PM2.5 particles, negative ions, ultraviolet rays, formaldehyde purification;

- The included remote also controls all functions on the device for added convenience and accessibility.

- Filter replacement reminder, 5-speed wind speed adjustment, intelligent automatic mode, LED touch screen display

- Sleep mode, silent mode, child lock function, panel control: 9 buttons, 5 LED ultraviolet sterilization


Ultra-quiet automatic shutdown

- Ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, office spaces and more for a peaceful night out.

- The silent plus aroma diffuser also has an auto-off function and an LED night light that displays a variety of colorful colors.

- Helps prevent the growth of bacteria, dust mites and baking; and relieves cough, nasal passage and throat irritation.

- You can turn your air purifier into an aroma diffuser by adding a few drops of essential oils to the aromatherapy box;

UV source : UV LED
Negative Anions production capacity: 50 million/s
Rated power: 25W
Rated voltage: DC24V
Filter type: Hepa filter/activated carbon /photo catalyst / primary filter
Applicable area:   20-40m²
CADR Value: 200-300m³/h
Noise: 35-55db
Support : WIFI ,Remote control,PM2.5
Timer: 1-24 hours
Air purifier size 215*215*350mm



Product Parameters

Multifunctional Control system

We will think of the following for users:
1: V-Chip(Children's lock: can prevent children from touching by mistake)
2:Light(Why is there such a fence lamp? When your child is asleep, it is convenient to operate without turning on the light.)
3: Sleep (Press the key, the purifier will automatically enter the sleep mode, quiet and comfortable.)
4:Intelligent(Automatically control the purification speed according to the air quality.)

Kill 99% of pathogenic sources


Antibacterial Module

Anion and UVC(Ordinary air purifiers can only absorb dust and cannot kill bacteria and viruses. But our purifier is specifically targeted at viral bacteria.)
Anion and UVC(Ordinary air purifiers can only absorb dust and cannot kill bacteria and viruses. But our purifier is specifically targeted at viral bacteria.)

UV Lamp Beads
Sweep 99% of the pathogenic soure capture and purify in one go
Powerful Motor
High-speed fan with smooth air duct, high air volume absorption and filtration

Go Through The Filter 5 Times

To Achieve Layer-by-layer Purification Durably

     Aiming at the domestic harsh environment ,through multiple purification systems to efficiently remove smog(PM2.5),formaldehyde,bacteria,peculiar smell, second-hand smoke,dust,TVOC,mites.


1: UV Lamp Beads   (Kill H1N1 virus and staphylococcus albicans,etc.)

2: Photocatalyst   (The filter coating TIO generates active oxygen such as hydroxyl groups and free radicals under the irradiation of UV lamps, and decomposes pollutants into carbon dioxide and water.)

3:Activated carbon (Decompose formaldehyde into harmless substances and absorb TVOC from fumishing.)

4:High-efficiency HEPA filter (Filter solid pollutants such as pollen , allergens,PM2.5,bacteria and viruses.)
5:Primary filtration (Effectively inhibit bacteria and prevent secondary pollution of bacteria and viruses.)

Remove harmful odor

molecules in time
High-quality air filter helps to effectively purify the air around you (Smoke \ Dust \ Pollen \ Cooking smell \ Pet smell)


Shippings Refund

1, AII orders will be sent out within 5 days once your payment is completed(- Except for the Holidays).

2, We do notguarantee delivery time on all international shipments due to differences in customs clearing times in each countries,which may affect how quickly your products in inspected.

3, We will not refund shipping charges for refused shipments.
4, We will be responsible for all wrong sending and quality issue orders.
5, Customers must offer accurate consignee information,otherwisefcustom- ers need afford the loss. 6, Please note that buyers are responsible for all additional customs fees,brokerage fees,duties,and taxes for importation into your coun- try.These additional fees may be collected at time of delivery.
Size & Fit Issues
   The sizes are illustrated with specific measurements in the detailed specifi- cations,please check the specifications before you place orders. If you find the size of products do not fit you,you can directly contact us.

1, Thank you for your purchase,we are appreciated for your trust. 2, Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important to us.please leave positive feedback and 5 stars. 3, Before leaving neutral and negative feedback,please contact with us to solve the problem.

Our Factory


     Guangdong Liangyueliang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R& D, production and sales of UV special light source. The company has passed the certification of ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system. It has a R& D team and management personnel with more than 15 years of professional experience, and has won a number of national invention patents and utility model patents. It is China's environmental protection industry It is a member of the association and a council member of Guangdong Environmental Protection Industry Association.
       Liangyueliang has been committed to the R&D and production of UV product application, household air purifier , medical air purifier ,commercial and public air purifier and household disinfection since 2002. It has a professional laboratory, test room, and a number of automatic and semi-automatic production equipment, realizing modernization, standardization and application Large scale production, strict control of quality assurance, to ensure product stability and reliability,the current series of products have passed CE, ROHS, EMC ,EPA ,TUV certification Etc ,and exported to more than 80 countries , have been highly praised by many colleges and universities and well-known enterprises.
       Since the establishment of the company, we liangyueliang seek truth from facts, the attitude of excellence, to meet customer and market demand. Welcome to contact us Liangyueliang to know more .








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