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School Air Disinfector Air Purifier From Chinese Manufacturer

School Air Disinfector Air Purifier From Chinese Manufacturer

Model LYL-KQXDJ-05 is made of High quality ABS+Quartz tube UVC lamp253.7nm. Hepa 14 filter+active carbon +primary filter +Catalytic net (4 in 1),  75million negative ion to Purifying air and reach killing rate up to 99.99% . (COVID-19) Nemesis.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Model :


Negative Anions production capacity:

75 million/s

Rated power:


Rated voltage:

100v---240v/ 50Hz-60Hz

Purification method:

ultraviolet + negative ion + composite filter (primary filtration + HEPA + activated carbon + photocatalyst) multilayer purification

Applicable area:  


CADR Value:




Support :

WIFI ,Remote control,PM2.5


1-24 hours

Air purifier size :


·Wind speed:

3 gears wind speed


(CE-LVD-EMC/TUV-ROHS/FCC/EPA)  test report

Unlike some compact purifiers, LYL-KQXDJ-05 doesn't skimp on effectiveness. The 3-layer True HEPA H13 filter removes 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns. Perfect for homes, offices, medical facilities, and schools to clean 460 sq ft every 30 minutes. The touch operation panel features 3-fan speeds, a 0-8 hr timer, sleep mode, child lock, and filter indicator. Activated carbon removes odors while the HEPA filter quietly cleans, so you have peace of mind knowing your indoor air is safe. Two high-power 25w ultraviolet 253.7nm disinfection lamps, so bacteria and viruses have nowhere to hide.

Product Features

School Air Disinfector Air Purifier From Chinese Manufacturer (5)

✔️ 3 gears wind speed adjustment.

✔️ Support filter replacement reminder.

✔️ 360° universal wheel movement support.

✔️ With LED touch screen display.

✔️ 9 buttons Panel control.Remote control / WIFI/APP remote control (optional).

✔️ With filter replacement sensor and Dust infrared sensor.

✔️ Replace the filter very convenienc

✔️ OEM/ODM air purifier service.

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